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We receive lots of comments and questions about our balloons so we thought we would put together a guide to answer the most commonly asked questions!

Firstly helium

We are often asked if we can send out balloons inflated, unfortunately at this time we are unable to do this. So the easiest way for you to inflate your balloons is by using a disposable helium cylinder (will be available from Lemonade Occasions shortly) in the mean time they are available from many high street shops and craft shops.

It is really important to note that latex balloons to not stay afloat when filled with helium for nearly as long as foil balloons, so ensure you inflate as close to your event as possible.

To give you an idea of how much helium you need, a typical disposable cylinder will fill around:

50 x 9" latex balloons or

30 x 10" latex balloons or

25 x 12" latex balloons or

up to 27 x 18" foil balloons

Confetti Balloons

Among my personal favourite products are the beautiful confetti balloons, so simple yet stunningly effective.They come in so many different colours and sizes, there is a confetti balloon for everyone! To get the best out of your confetti balloons follow our inflation guide below!

Confetti balloons will behave differently depending on which inflation technique you use.

If you want the confetti to really stick to the sides of the balloon you will need to air fill, using a hand pump. After you have inflated balloon, rub it on some curtains on tablecloth to create static, the confetti will then stick beautifully to the insides of the balloon creating a fab effect.

Obviously you may want to fill with helium rather than air, in that case the confetti will not stick as well and will pool at the bottom of the balloon. This is also a wonderful effect as the confetti can be shaken inside the balloon, however if you would prefer it sticks we suggest a mixture of 10% air fill and 90% helium.